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Infinite Personal Care, LLC was established in February 2020,  our founders have over 10 years of experience  in the home health and hospital settings. We have been serving individuals who need quality in-home care services ever since.

We provide non-medical and medical in-home care services to the elderly, sick, injured, and individuals in need of any of the services we specialize in. Kindly check our service page for more details.

Services are provided at the time of a client’s request. At Infinite Personal Care, LLC, we prioritize a client’s safety and wellbeing over everything else. We can provide care for as long as a patient requires daily or weekly, and our services are customized to fit their specific needs. You have the option to work with us in setting up a schedule that is suitable for you. 


Every employee at Infinite Personal Care, LLC is covered under our general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

Yes. It is within your rights to choose a caregiver that you are most comfortable with.

We adhere strictly to laws governing the administration of medications. Contact us today to confirm if we can provide the kind of service that suits your medication needs.

in-home care services
in-home care services

Yes. We have put systems in place to track our caregivers. We employ a combination of digital tools and strict service policies to ensure that our caregivers serve you as they should. Attendance is closely tracked with internet-based solutions and telephony systems. You have nothing to worry about.

Cost of service is dependent on factors like the type of service administered and the length of period for which the service was administered. For more details about the cost of our home care services, do well to contact us.

No. You will receive a weekly invoice, and only for services you have already received.

Yes. We strictly adhere to all applicable state and federal guidelines related to privacy of personal and healthcare information.

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